best of: 2014

To start us off, Happy First Birthday to my website! It's been a year since I created it with Elfrey and Rosanna's proposal as my first blog post, and speaking of which, they just got married! Can time pass any faster? 

More importantly, though... Happy New Years, my lovelies. This blog post is dedicated to every single one of you for supporting and watching me grow these past few years. While I'm quite tempted to write an obligatory end-of-the-year post, I decided to forgo it and instead feature some of my favorite photographs from this year. As I look back at these, I can't help but reminisce all the stories and laughter that come with them. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 


To conclude this post, I wanted to share a segment that couldn't be written any better. 

"Thank you, 2014, for the tears that have made us stronger, the laughter that has made us deeper, the people who have made us truer versions of ourselves, and the glimpses of God in the monumental and mundane alike. And here’s to you, 2015. May you be wild and wonderful in the very best of ways, filled with the kinds of stories only God can write." - Rebekah Hall