Hello, my loves!

To start off our Spring Break (for us students at least haha!), here's a beautiful session with my dear friend Gina. I've always been a self professed lover of natural lighting and all its soft goodness so I couldn't hold in my excitement as I shot these frames. Even though our Saturday started gloomily, mother nature worked in our favor and gave us an amazing combination of post-rain sunlight and gentle wind.   

It was a huge joy for me to photograph Gina. She and I have shared a friendship that has both inspired and encouraged us these past few years, and it's been amazing to watch her grow as a woman and an artist. She is the genius behind Ginably, a business that she successfully built up on her own. Mad props, right? But beyond all this, she is a woman with a heart of gold, which is definitely reflected in these photographs. I adore her kindness and love to her friends and family, and every time we talk, I am always filled with encouragement and excitement. Cheers to a wonderful friendship and a bright future ahead of us!

I hope you all love these frames as much as I do.