Joseph & Tian | McGovern Centennial Gardens Proposal

Here's another beautiful summertime proposal I'd love to share with you all. Below is the story behind it all by the husband-to-be, Joseph!

"I really wanted the proposal to be unexpected and memorable for Tian to experience while allowing her to celebrate with close friends and family. She is quite perceptive and detail-oriented which definitely made it difficult to spring a surprise on her. At the very start of our relationship, I had stumbled upon the pastime of geocaching, where participants explore the outdoors using a GPS or cell phone to navigate to certain locations containing geocaches, very similar to a scavenger hunt. We had talked about trying it out for the longest time, especially given Tian's love of the outdoors, but there never seemed to be the right moment for it.

I recruited two of her coworkers she worked closely with to assist in guiding her to the top of the Mount at McGovern Centennial Gardens under the guise of a geocaching expedition with them, in hopes that she would not suspect the real reason behind the event. While they made their way toward the top of the Mount via a spiral walkway (the geocache location was aptly named "Cinnamon Roll"), Victoria and I waited at the top for them to approach while our friends and family followed at a reasonable distance behind Tian and her coworkers. She found a small memento at the location of the geocache that I had left there for her, a reminder of everything that we had shared and grown into from our years of dating. Then, she was gently propelled up to the top where I was waiting, having managed to clear most of the bystanders and tourists for this precious moment that we were so blessed to be able to share together.

Thank you to everyone that made our precious moment possible - to everyone that helped with decorations, planning, logistics, moral support, and even extending words of love and affection - we feel so blessed to be a part of the community we have been able to grow close with over the past few years and look forward to continue growing with you even as we move into a new stage of life."