Joshua & Meagan . Austin Engagement

A big fat hello to y'all! Hope everyone has been staying warm in this weird Texas weather. I'm so excited that I can finally reveal Josh and Meagan's beautiful engagement session. 

I honestly could not have photographed a sweeter couple. From start to finish, Alison and I were giggling, awe-ing, and squealing. *By the way, thank you so much Alison Chang for assisting me. You are too cool.* The morning was crisp and cool since it rained the previous night so it was quite an enjoyable session. We first started at Mueller Park to capture Josh's love for nature, and then we headed to Downtown to capture some urban vibes for Meagan. I couldn't be happier with the results. Each frame is reflective of Josh and Meagan's silliness, but more importantly, the sweet love and joy that they bring out from each other. With a session like this, I couldn't be more excited to photograph their wedding in June. It's going to be beyond amazing.