Emily & Nathan | Mueller Park Proposal

From the groom-to-be: 

"I had some difficulty planning out what I would do to propose to Emily, but I eventually came upon an idea that I thought would be perfect. Since she was going to be an elementary school teacher, I created a book in the style of a children’s storybook detailing our relationship and ending with a proposal line. I had contacted Victoria a month before, while I was in Canada to ask her to document our special moment, and I spent that entire week creating the content of that book. After a month long preparation, I finally told Emily that we were doing a “couples’ photoshoot” as I finished up the book. I wanted this day to be really special for Emily and for everything to go smoothly. It was amusing having to play along as if we were actually doing a photoshoot because Emily had spent the previous hour trying to figuring out her outfits. 

Eventually, we were on our way to the park at Mueller, which holds many good memories for us. We parked further from the place where we would meet Victoria so that Emily and I could walk and just talk to calm our nerves. She saw me carrying the book, which was shrink-wrapped, and asked me why I was carrying it. I nervously blurted something out about it being paperwork that Victoria needed us to fill out, and I think she bought it. Then, I diverted the topic by talking about all the fun things we had done here as a way to help prepare her for what was coming and to keep her from seeing our families who were hiding near whereI was going to propose. Finally, we caught up with Victoria, who I had previously asked to play along with the idea that this was just a photoshoot. After perfectly acting, she queued me to go ahead and start the proposal."

"I took out the book and started reading and showing the pictures that her friend, Thaonhi, had drawn of us. I couldn’t come up with something for the title, so I just named it something cheesy, but also something that would help her realize I was proposing to her. After reading and admiring the pictures with her, I finally got on one knee and asked Emily to marry me." 

"I had planned everything up until she said yes, and after about seven seconds of trying to process what just happened, I snapped back to reality and said, “Oh, I guess I should take this ring out and put it on right?” Everything else seemed to fall into place because just as I put the ring on Emily, my sister popped her head around and asked us if we were done yet, and soon both of our families came around the bush to congratulate us." 


"Looking back, I was really glad to work with Victoria, who helped me plan out most of the steps and really worked with me to make this moment perfect. I’m not really someone who has an appreciation for pictures or photography, but I don’t ever regret asking Victoria to help me with planning and documenting this special occasion."