Pauline & Jason | Japanese Tea Garden Proposal

From the bride-to-be: "Before this day actually happened, I knew Jason was going to propose this summer before I headed back to Taiwan for work. Although I had a good idea which weekend he was planning to ask, he managed to squeeze in multiple surprises in the proposal making it an unforgettable experience.

The day started off with a 6am alarm that Jason had set for me the night before. Disgruntled, I immediately slapped the alarm off and went back to bed. A few minutes later the alarm went off again, and Jason came to wake me up. Confused and sleep deprived, I snapped at him and asked why alarms were going off on a Saturday morning. He nudged at me and explained there was a place he wanted to take me to see the sunrise. It was unusual for him to be so stubborn in going somewhere especially if he knew I was so tired, so I eventually gave in and got myself ready.

Soon after, I saw Jason in a button down and slacks. I immediately realized that today was the day. I knew he wouldn’t wear such fancy clothes for just a ‘sunrise’. So I threw on a dress and got ready to go. He took us to the Japanese Tea Garden, one of the first places we visited in San Antonio when he first got into dental school. As soon as we arrived, I saw my twin sister who flew down from Seattle (first surprise). Jason explained that my sister and Victoria, our lovely photographer that morning (second surprise), would follow me along a path in the garden and he would meet me at the end. As I walked along the path I was met with a friend who held a painting that Jason had painted of us. There were 15 stops, which meant Jason had painted 15 paintings of us (third BIG surprise). Two of the stops were my parents and the last stop was his mom (fourth surprise). All of which made the journey through the garden SUPER emotional. I didn’t expect to cry so much when I knew what was going to happen!

At the end of the path I met Jason, and he said some sweet words and prayed for us. When we finished, we walked out to an opening in the garden. I looked up and saw our friends and family on a bridge above us holding the paintings. Slowly each person flipped the painting over to spell the words, “WILL YOU MARRY ME?” As I looked back at Jason, he got down on one knee and popped the question! And so after our 4.5 years relationship, with most of it being long distance, we can finally say that the day we never have to say goodbye to each other again is going to come soooooon (but not soon enough)!"

Congratulations, Pauline & Jason! It was a privilege to capture such a beautiful milestone for you two.


And here's the big moment in a video clip made by the groom-to-be himself.