The Mann Family

Remember Wiley? I photographed his newborn photos last month so if you didn't get to see them, click here to view the whole set. Lydia wanted to get some shots outdoors when the bluebonnets were in bloom so we had a part two to their family session. 

My heart is full of joy whenever I look at these photos. Everything fell into place so perfectly, and I was lucky finding this little field. Of course, in the spring bluebonnet fields bloom like weeds (they're everywhere!), but this field couldn't have been more fitting with my vision. The pockets of wildflowers were in full bloom and the sunset gave a beautiful lighting that was to die for. On top of that, the Mann family is always fun to work with. This was one of those sessions where I just felt so inspired and moved from start to finish. Each frame was better than the previous one, and they were pictures that I knew I would want to frame and showcase if they were of my that I could wake up to and just smile at everyday. There's a certain tenderness that Lydia and Matt are able to display of both their marriage and family, and that's ultimately what I draw my inspiration from. I couldn't have created such art without it.